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Pediatric Physical & Health Screenings

Parents often ask Dr. Switzer to perform certain medical evaluations, which are required by many school districts, organizations or clubs to clear your child for participation in sports, summer camp and other recreational activities. Dr. Switzer is happy to complete these evaluations and sign any forms required by your child’s school or organization.

Most school districts require medical clearance for your child’s participation in organized team sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming, field hockey and water polo. Parents should note that many health insurance plans do not cover sports or camp physicals. Dr. Switzer’s staff will be happy to check your specific health insurance plan for coverage.

Health Screenings

One out of every four school-aged children has a significant vision problem. As a result, too many children go through childhood with untreated visual impairments that negatively affect their schoolwork and family life. Common childhood eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, lazy eye (amblyopia) and misalignment of the eyes (strabismus) go untreated. That’s why vision screenings are so important.

Hearing problems are far less common than vision problems, affecting only three children out of 1,000. Yet hearing screenings are no less important than vision screenings. Children who develop hearing problems after birth may have speech/language development problems and difficulties in school. Dr. Switzer’s mission is identifying and treating hearing impairments before your child reaches six months of age. Dr. Switzer performs regular vision and hearing screenings during well-child checkups. If she detects a vision or hearing problem, she will recommend necessary treatment.

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